Community Guidelines

The YATW Zoom room is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  As, such its success as a community is dependent on self-regulation and is reliant on each individual to remember that kindness is paramount.  Not everyone has to be best friends but everyone needs to be considerate of others for the community to thrive.

Consequently, everyone who participates in the community is expected to be an adult and behave like an adult.  At a minimum, this means everyone is accountable for themselves, their language, their environment and their communications.  In this space drama is not welcome or encouraged.  If for some reason you have an issue with a community member, you are expected to resolve it in an adult manner outside the room.  If you need some assistance working something out, Jennifer and Robert are happy to help if they can.

Communications within the room, and on other forums supporting the room, should be positive on the whole and a reflect an uplifting space where all crafters are welcome.  Please keep in mind though, that this is an open room with a wide range of people and topics.  Because of that we have a simple room rule:  If the topic is other than making or crafting, anyone can at any time request that the topic be changed and that request must be honored.

Welcome and Enjoy!

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